Product Features: 

Puratech's Online Customer Support Management (OCSM)

Puratech integrates Online Customer Support Management (OCSM) giving real time information to help the management in strategic planning to let the organization grow in an effective way. In fact OCSM acts as an assistant to everybody in the organization leading to increase the efficiency of Customer Support Representatives / Engineers. Information flow is automated for every important activity, which eliminates errors and provides in-depth analysis of individuals and overall performance.

Online Customer Support Management (OCSM) offer wide area network (WAN) through Internet and connects Support Managers (SM), Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) and Customers spread all across the world.  

OCSM focuses on three key areas:
  • Support Manager – responsible for CSRs and customer account creation and management, creating support calls / trouble tickets for CSRs.  

  • Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) – responsible for accepting service calls / trouble tickets, processing service request and giving the necessary information of the service call attended.  

  • Customers – responsible for submitting problems and request. 

With fast remote desktop controls, dynamic file transfer capabilities and Internal Messaging, OCSM enables Support Managers and CSRs to interact with the customers resulting in faster call handling and improved customer service.

Read the features of OCSM, which will give you an idea about the features of the software and how it can be useful in your organization.

  • Integrate all users into a “real-time” concentric environment… Support Manager, outside CSRs and Customers.  

  • Unlimited Account Opening capabilities of SM, CSRs and Customers.  

  • Individual User Authenticated Login and Password Facilities.

  • Review, assign and track any and all support calls / trouble tickets with in a click.  

  • Extensive search capabilities date wise, product wise, CSRs and Customer wise.  

  • Reports can be generated showing the workload and performance of individual CSR.

  • Priority can be assigned to each support call (i.e. At Ease, Low, Medium, High).

  • Option to open support call / trouble ticket and close on completion.

  • Each support call / trouble ticket is date stamped allowing SM and CSRs to track each call / ticket and ensure that an answer is provided in timely manner.  

  • Calculates the time / hours put in by each CSRs for a particular task.  

  • Dynamic uploading support of file to required CSRs and Customers.  

  • Reduces Phone Support and its associated cost in time and expense.

  • No client side software or hardware installation, only a web browser is required.  

  • No training costs or time required, with browser-based interface usage is intuitive for the end user.  

  • 24/7/365 availability.

  • Rapid Development with total customization as per your requirement.