Product Features:

Puratech's Online Sales Force Automation:

Sales Force Automation provides a wide range of powerful capabilities for managing customers and activities throughout the entire sales cycle. Sales Force Automation enables companies to establish "best practice" sales processes that help increase sales results and optimize sales costs. New business opportunities, lucrative customer leads, and significant deal closures are relayed in detail to all your facilities at the speed of light. 

Strategic web-based centralization of your vital database ensures that real-time information is always in use by all your players, and the integrity of your data is maintained regardless of any personnel changes. Sales Force Automation is powerful, yet easy to use, and fast to implement. There is no software to load. The latest revision is always on-line. Just log in to our web site, and put the potent tools in Sales Force Automation to work for you. Sales Force Automation is designed to play a pivot roll in your company's customer relationship management strategy.

It is a sales lead and queries automation system designed for the sales department. Our endeavor is to go beyond overpriced, high-end sales automation systems. It has ready-to-use functionality where predefined user levels can easily assign queries. It also has reports generation functionality ranging from an analysis of sales performance to branch and lead progress.

The application is powerful and highly sophisticated and integrates several tasks into a single menu-driven program. The user can switch among database functions to create, modify or look-up leads, assign problems and tasks related to leads etc. Enterprises can increase sales productivity and gain timely, accurate insight into prospective business leads.

  • Manage project and track activities with planner activity and task scheduling
  • Forecast sales with greater accuracy and consistency
  • Collect leads from the web interface
  • Offers management of contacts and sales prospects in the sales pipeline

There is no risk to using SALES FORCE AUTOMATION. You gain the advantage of the simplicity of implementing and using the intuitive SALES FORCE AUTOMATION tools and features. Maintenance and feature enhancement are part of the service. Not only are you spared the prohibitive startup costs, your affordable fees are amortized over the life of your usage. With an in-house design, you risk losing your substantial investment of money and time if the effort is not successful. Many companies have spent tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars before deciding their effort was in vain. With SALES FORCE AUTOMATION, you are up and producing within days. Your entire database remains in your control.

Forecasting, Opportunities

SALES FORCE AUTOMATION has the most extensive forecasting features available in a web-based application.

  • Multi-stage opportunity tracking to monitor the development of your leads and qualify the degree of customer commitment. 
  • Part number, product line tracking to measure against quotas and forecasting. 
  • Dynamic sales funnel of opportunities by stage for instant view of sales progress, by user, or the team combined. 
  • Use Management forecast to drive master production schedule. 
  • Track your competitors and their pricing on a part number level
  • Keep tabs on the competition for each opportunity while your deal progresses. 
  • Track your opportunities and see the results of your efforts.
  • Track your wins and losses to improve your closures. Know why your customer chose you, or why your competitor got the sale.
  • Configure product master to map to they way your business runs. 
Product Master
  • Add unlimited number of products into the system 
  • Specify part number, description, unit price, category into which the product has to be placed.
  • The unit price of each product is useful when the management decides on Quotas and Forecasts for the current month or the year.
  • Delete the product from the category in which it has been added or also edit the category
  • Keep all your relevant account information instantly accessible.
  • See all activity within the account, opportunities, contacts, communications log, and important documents on products. 
  • View information on all accounts, edit account details
  • Time intervals since opening of all customer accounts in the system
  • Keep all your account and contact data safe, accessible, and intact, regardless of employee departures.
  • Get to know the people you do business with using the contact details.
Communication History
  • Communications history log for coordinated customer care.
  • Communications log for when you send out literature
  • Discuss details of a deal, or resolve a customer issue
  • The entire company can be kept informed of the latest developments.
Product Documents
  • Keep critical documents on hand for easy reference or circulation
  • Paperwork such as contracts, quotes, white papers, service manuals, or competitive analyses can be stored to be readily accessible for those whom it is meant.
Database Format & Reports 

SALES FORCE AUTOMATION has a very powerful report engine for formatting or printing. Your data remains fully accessible to you, always in your control.

  • Readily download your entire reports in Excel Spreadsheet Format
  • Administrative personnel are able to easily generate detailed custom reporting in very little time.
  • Requires no expensive IT labor to operate or maintain. 
  • Criteria of report generations defined
Planner, Task Items
  • Complete planner to use for event planning, to schedule any further events scheduled by the company.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views as scheduled and required by the management to achieve its reporting needs.
  • Set reminders for meetings and future appointments.
  • Schedules the meetings and appoints for the day.
  • Keep a track of meetings and appointments with easy-to-use meeting planner.
  • The dashboard provides an instant snapshot of the user's current business to increase the effectiveness of your sales process.
  • Displayed on the dashboard are the sales opportunity funnel, Actual Sales opportunity created, recent activities to user accounts, the planner of the current month displaying the planner events scheduled earlier.
  • The Bulletin board serves as an important utility for authorized users to post company news, sales wins, competitive updates, or any system-wide messages which could be useful to the staff using the system.
  • Sales Opportunity funnel report. See the potential revenue at each stage for all your current opportunities. 
  • Quotas v/s Actual report. Quick monitor of your sales progress.
  • Reports on all activity for the owner's account, regardless of the source. 
Control Panel
  • Clear and direct means to add and remove users, manage passwords, and define user rights throughout the system. 
  • Standardize input responses by use of managed pull-down lists.
  • Easy to administer and requires no technical staff to maintain.